Chaplain Services

Chaplains Office

Senior Chaplain: Padre (Maj) Liam Thomas (Anglican Church of Canada) ext 6204 (207B Yeo)
Padre (Capt) Ryan Carter (Muslim) ext 4094 (301 Yeo)

Padre (Capt) Pascal Delisle (Roman Catholic) ext 6284 (304 Yeo)

Administrative Assistant

Roseline Bennett ext 6018 (207A Yeo)

The RMC Chaplain Team offers spiritual, religious and pastoral care to all CF members (and family who reside with them), and DND employees who are posted to, attending, or working at RMC. We are an experienced, collaborative, multi-faith team of military Chaplains

What does a Chaplain do?

  • Provides religious services
  • Ministers to members and their families who are sick, in custody or desire such service
  • Pastoral care and counselling
  • Advises on religious subjects
  • Advises on ethical or spiritual issues

What types of problems can a Chaplain help with?

  • Grief or bereavement
  • Illness (of self or loved one)
  • Family problems
  • Addictions
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Abuse
  • Help in decision-making
  • Life Transitions
  • The need for a listening ear
  • Spiritual questions

Who can visit a Chaplain?

  • Any member or DND employee has the right to seek the services of a Chaplain.
  • Leaders have a duty to make the services of a Chaplain available to persons in their command.

Where does the Chaplain fit in the Chain of Command?

  • The Chaplains at RMC fall under the command authority of the COS (Chief of Staff)/Corporate Wing.
  • A chaplain holds no command authority.
  • The Chaplain has access to all members, from the Commandant to the Private Soldier.
  • The Chaplain advises the Commandant and others in the chain of command on spiritual, religious, and ethical matters. They also inform the chain of command when they are made aware of issues that adversely affect morale within the College.
  • On any issue a chaplain makes recommendations. It is the chain of command that makes the final decision.

All conversations with a Chaplain are completely confidential, except:

  • threats to hurt another person
  • threats to hurt yourself (ie: suicide)
  • disclosure of abuse of a child
  • when ordered by a court of law

Chaplains are legally bound to report these four cases to the appropriate authorities.

Note: If you request a Chaplain's assistance with a personal issue the Chaplain will usually need to verify the details of your situation before advocating on your behalf with the Chain of Command. The chaplain will request your permission to engage the appropriate people in order to assist or verify facts.

How can I meet with a Chaplain?

For an appointment, make a request through your Chain of Command or contact our office directly.

Other Chaplain services available at RMC:

Emergency Chaplain Services

After-hours, 365 days a year
When problems listed under “With what types of problems can a chaplain help?” have:
 - No other assitance (pag, talking to family or friends) has proven effective


 - The issue has reached a crisis poinnt and cannot wait until 0800 the next working day

Through your chain of command or for after hour emergencies: call the Duty Field officer at (613) 541- 6000 ext 8351 or 613-453-5007 and ask for the RMC Emergency Chaplain. NB. Chaplains do not remain on campus after hours.  They will need time to relocate to RMC. If an emergency is life threatening call 911.

Religious Services at RMC

  • Muslim Friday Prayer Services
  • Sunday 1030 (Catholic Liturgies/Mass and Protestant service)
  • Sunday 1115 Coffee Hour
  • Baptisms, weddings, penance and other sacraments and services are available as well, contact the Chaplains' Office
  • Religious education such as First Communion and Confirmation classes available, contact the Chaplain's Office
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