Programmes - Department of Applied Military Science of the Royal Military College of Canada

The Department of Applied Military Science is involved with several programmes:

The Army Technical Staff Officer Programme (ATSOP) and The Army Technical Warrant Officer Programme (ATWOP)

Both the ATSOP and the ATWOP incorporate education and training to develop critical thinking, and management and technology competencies and skills. They produce graduates with a broad-based knowledge of science and technology and the competency to apply that knowledge to the operational and training needs of the Army and the CAF. The programmes provide a solid academic science foundation and then develop the capability to apply the management and technology knowledge within military staff and operational contexts. The emphasis is on capability management technology and management skills to meet military requirements and therefore the development of critical thinking analytical decision-making techniques, and staff skills are core elements.

The two programmes are conducted in the same classroom by the same professors and Staff. They are approximately 80% similar, with the main differences being different learning outcomes depending on the course, marking weight per evaluation method, occasionally different exams and the nature of the programme project. Students must complete a PROJECT in teams during their programmes.

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