War Studies Timetable / 2016 - 2017

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this publication, the contents of this document are subject to amendment without prior notice. War Studies reserves the right to deviate from what appears in this document, in whole or in part.

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  - Video courses (VC)  are offered in a synchronous seminar format with students attending classes on site at RMC or via video link from other locations.  

 - Distance learning (DL)  courses are offered asynchronously via distributed readings and written interaction (blogs and posts)

Summer 2016 - Fall/Winter 2017 - Fall 2016 - Winter 2017

Summer 2017(1 Cr)

Course Instructor Time/location Dates
WS539 - Signal Intelligence (DL) tbd Asynchronous  23 May 2017 - 
WS529 - Directed Reading  (DL) tbd Asynchronous  23 May 2017 - 

Fall 2016 - Winter 2017 (2cr)

Course Instructor Time/location Start Dates
WS500 Theories of War (On site) Dr. Hennessy Thurs.9:00 -12:00hrs / Cavalry House 15 Sept 2016
WS500 Theories of War (DL) Dr. Iarocci Asynchronous 12 Sept 2016
WS504 Contemporary Warfare (DL) Dr. Coombs Asynchronous 12 Sept 2016
WS520  Naval Warfare (VC) Dr. Grodzinski Mon 16:30 -19:30hrs / Cavalry House 12 Sept 2016
WS534 Religion and Modern War (VC) Dr. Dizboni Wed 16:30 - 19:30 hrs / Cavalry House 14 Sept 2016

Fall 2016 (1cr) 

WS536 War, Man and Literature (VC) Dr. Lukits Thurs 16:30 -19:30 hrs / Cavalry House 15 Sep
Course Instructor Time/location Dates
WS501  Civil Military Relations (DL) Dr. Breede Asynchronous 12 Sept 2016
WS531 - American Foreign Policy (VC) Dr. Sokolsky Wed  09:00 -12:00 hrs / Cavalry House 14 Sept 2016
WS607  Methodology (VC) PhD only Dr. Boulden Tues 16:30 - 19:30hrs / Cavalry House 13 Sept 2016

Winter 2017 (1cr)

Course Instructor Time/location Dates
ÉCG555  La Gloire et le bûcher (DL) Dr. Bélanger Asynchronous  9 Jan 2017
WS 589 Issues of National Security in International Relations (VC) Dr. Boulden Tues 16:30 - 19:30hrs / Cavalry House  10 Jan 2017
WS 595 Armed Forces and Society (VC) Dr. Sokolsky Wed 9:00 - 12:00 hrs / Cavalry House  11 Jan 2017


Students undertaking the programme in Kingston are reminded that RMC and Queens have a memorandum of understanding which allows RMC students to take courses at Queen’s University and vice-versa.  Queen’s graduate courses thematically appropriate to War Studies include:

HIST 876  Canada at War (2 cr)

An exploration of war in a Canadian context, with an emphasis on how war has shaped Canadian society and the relationship between Canada and its armed forces. Topics to be studied, from a Canadian perspective, include the military as a profession, military culture, combat stress, leadership, gender and sexuality in the military, and mutinies.

POLS-861 International Security (1 cr)
This course will focus on foreign policy analysis and international security, with a focus on alliances, defence cooperation, and issues affecting national and international peace and security.
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