War Studies Post Graduate Degree Programme - Foreword

Masters and Doctoral Degrees in War Studies are available through the graduate program at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). War Studies is a multi-disciplinary program that provides students with the opportunity to explore human conflict in any or all of its military, diplomatic, social, political, psychological or economic dimensions. It brings scholarly insight and academic discipline to bear on the practical issues of defence policy, strategic planning as well as the operational aspects of modern warfare. The War Studies program seeks to balance practical military concerns with the high demands of scholarship at the graduate level.

The core program is located at RMC's campus in Kingston, Ontario with distance learning opportunities available through the internet. War Studies courses are listed at: Royal Military College of Canada Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Calendars .

The subjects offered in the War Studies program are designed to contribute to the professional development of candidates working in defence-related areas, as well as to assist candidates interested in developing theoretical or research interests. In addition, opportunities exist to take relevant courses at other universities for credit in the War Studies program. Originally, the War Studies Program was aimed primarily at military students in Canada's Regular and Reserve Forces, but over the years an increasing number of civilian students have entered the program.

The Royal Military College is uniquely equipped to offer a range of subjects in the field of War Studies. Its academic staff enjoy established scholarly reputations in their respective fields. As well, the program draws upon resources of the Massey Library of Royal Military College, including the Crerar and the John Spurr collections, the Fort Frontenac Library, the Centre of National Security Studies, National Defence Headquarters, and collections housed at Queen's University.

How to Contact the War Studies Program


War Studies Programme

Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario CANADA
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  • (613) 541-6000, ext 3724
  • FAX: (613) 541-6219
  • Military (CSN): 271-3724
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