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  1. Collections & History Gallery

    to the history of RMC and the service of it's ex-cadets but the Museum also holds a small collection ... of material relating to the Point Frederick Dockyard and the Royal Navy. Take a tour in our Gallery to view ... some of these artifacts. In addition the Museum holds the Douglas Arms Collection and the Leinster ...

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  2. History- RMCC Museum

    Frederick was built between 1846 and 1847. The other Kingston towers are Cedar Island Tower, Shoal Tower ...

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  3. Links to other library catalogues & associations

    To request items available at other libraries, fill out an interlibrary loan form Libraries ...

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  4. 1812 Walking Tour Opens at the Royal Military College of Canada

    of the Board of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, who presented the Self-Guided Walking Tour of the Royal ... , Brigadier-General Al Meinzinger, was made by Mr. Chris West, Chairman of the Board of the Marine Museum ... Highway 2, Kingston. Funded by the Canadian Heritage 1812 Commemoration Fund, the RMCC Museum Committee ...

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  5. Photo Gallery- Public Affairs

    A few photos of the 2013 Obstacle Course at the Royal Military College of Canada ...

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  6. History Gallery

    Photographs of exhibits in the History Gallery of the Royal Military College of Canada museum ...

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  7. Links- Museum of RMCC

    The Books of Remembrance Canadian War Museum Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation ... Museum Virtual Kingston ...

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  8. The RMCC Museum


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  9. Marches- Museum of RMCC

    About the marches, the music of the Royal Military College of Canada ...

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  10. Visiting RMCC- Guided tours and museum

    About visiting RMCC, tour schedules and museum information. ...

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