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  1. Collections & History Gallery

    of material relating to the Point Frederick Dockyard and the Royal Navy. Take a tour in our Gallery to view ... to the history of RMC and the service of it's ex-cadets but the Museum also holds a small collection ... some of these artifacts. In addition the Museum holds the Douglas Arms Collection and the Leinster ...

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  2. History- RMC Museum

    Frederick was built between 1846 and 1847. The other Kingston towers are Cedar Island Tower, Shoal Tower ... History Dockyard College Fort Frederick Old Eighteen College Badge The Dockyard Location RMC ... strengthened. The Rideau Canal was built to provide a safe logistic link from Montreal to the Dockyard. Fort ...

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  3. Dockyard workers' barracks

    other for fear of defeat and hence loss of the war. This resulted in a ship-building competition between ... . The workforce here expanded rapidly reaching over 130 professional shipwrights and other artificers supported ... . Opposite, on the shore of Navy Bay, wooden 'shanties' housing the day workers and others sprang ...

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  4. History Gallery

    -cadet and astronaut Ex-cadet, First Canadian astronaut,1984   Dockyard History Sir James Yeo (1782- 1818), 1813 Yeo ... at Dockyard, 1815   Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Barrie, K.C.B., K.C.H. (1774- 1841) Barrie had a distinguished ... service record in the Napoleonic Wars and from 1819 to 1834 he was Commissioner of the Kingston Dockyard ...

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  5. 1812 Walking Tour Opens at the Royal Military College of Canada

    and museum. The signs will tell the incredible story of the Royal Naval Dockyard, which was situated on Point ... of the Board of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, who presented the Self-Guided Walking Tour of the Royal ... , Brigadier-General Al Meinzinger, was made by Mr. Chris West, Chairman of the Board of the Marine Museum ...

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  6. Dockyard fence and gate

    gate and the former guard house.   Panels navigation Previous Panel Next Panel Contact the RMC museum ... Contemporary sketch map of the Naval dockyard illustrating the dockyard fence and the location ... , a wooden fence was built to separate the growing Dockyard from the town and the labourers' shanties ...

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  7. About the Museum

    The Museum is an accredited museum within the Canadian Forces Museum System and a member ... of the Organization of Military Museums of Canada, Inc. and the Canadian Museum Association. The Museum, in its ... to the history of the College, its former cadets and its site. The Museum supports cadet orientation training ...

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  8. Burying ground / Graveyard

    and Naval units totalled about 5,000; but 3,300 others died from disease. Amongst the Native Warriors ... on the south side of Billy Bishop Road.   Panels navigation Previous Panel Next Page Contact the RMCC museum ... succumbed onboard ship, in the Naval Hospital, and at the Royal Naval Dockyard. The numbers buried here ...

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  9. Strategic importance

    , with 1,600 personnel serving on the massive flagship St. Lawrence, on four other ships, and four smaller ... during the War.   Panels navigation Previous: Walking Tour Introduction Next Panel Contact the RMC museum ... rapidly. At the end of 1814, the Kingston Dockyard produced the largest naval Squadron on the Great Lakes ...

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  10. Fort Frederick

    the Fort Frederick Martello tower houses the Royal Military College of Canada Museum. Walking Tour Panel ... 5 is located inside Fort Frederick, just beyond the Martello Tower that serves as the RMCC Museum, beside ... the footings of an earlier blockhouse.   Panels navigation Previous Panel Next Panel Contact the RMCC museum ...

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