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  1. The Band of the Royal Military College of Canada

    for Children under 10 Tickets Available at: RMCC Canex, located in Yeo Hall   You can request the RMCC Band ... The Band of the Royal Military College of Canada was founded in 1953. Starting as a Pipes and Drums Band ... . The RMC Band is now one of the largest voluntary bands in the Canadian Forces. Professional military ...

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  2. Life at RMCC

    Drill Daily Routine Leave Residence Cadet Mess RMC Band Chaplain Services Canadian Forces Exchange ... Notes: Note 1 Both Band and Varsity practices, as well as Squadron PT and parades, occur on various days ... 4 referrer Note 5 Varsity, band and training events do occur on weekends. Officer cadets should not assume ...

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  3. Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) Joining Instructions 2017

    and senior non-commissioned members (NCMs). RMC Band The RMC Band was formed in 1953. Starting as a Pipe ... and Drum Band, it has since grown to include a Brass & Reed Band, a Choir and a Highland Dance team ... . The RMC Band plays a very active and important role in College life by providing music for all parades ...

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  4. Marches- Museum of RMCC

    to the College in the spring of 1932. It was orchestrated for a military band by Captain F.W. Coleman, RCHA ... by the same title. Audio Precision This piece was performed by the RMC Band and was arranged by Sylvain Gagnon ... Band; written by Don Carrigan and arranged by Brian Williams. ...

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  5. Canada AM Puts the Spotlight on Kingston's Military Roots

    the crowd which had gathered in front of the reporters, and the RMC Band came in and warmed the crowd ... . The RMC Band puts on a show for the audience of the special Kingston edition of Canada AM. Two Griffons ...

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  6. RMCC Hosts International Conference on CANDU Fuel

    conferences within CNS. The RMCC Band and Highland Dancers opened the conference which was held at the Holiday ... ). Members/cadets of the RMCC Band and Dancers were invited to stay and mingle with guests. Attendees were ...

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  7. Recreation Clubs

    / Airsoft Power Flying Photography Skydiving Stage Band Theatre Multi-Sport War Games Water Polo Windsurfing ...

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  8. The Massey Library Transcript/Captions

    ! March!" Music: "Precision" played by the RMCC Band The Library of the Royal Military ... Honourable Charles Vincent Massey, who opened the Library in 1960. Marching band music plays to a series ...

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  9. Dhamin Al-Khalili, BSc, MSc, PhD, Professor

    of a Wide Band Quadrature Demodulators on Field Programmable Gate Arrays. Triple Data Path Architecture ...

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  10. The Memorial Arch Parade: Class of 2020 Meets Their First RMCC Tradition

    of the parade. After a few minutes of nervously standing at-ease, the pipe band began to play and led the parade ...

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