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  1. The Band of the Royal Military College of Canada

    The Band of the Royal Military College of Canada was founded in 1953. Starting as a Bagpipe ... of Highland Dancers. The RMC Band is now one of the largest voluntary bands in the Canadian Forces ... . Professional military musicians provide most of the musical instruction to the Cadets. Much of the Band ...

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  2. Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) Joining Instructions 2014

    and supervision of experienced Canadian Forces officers and senior non-commissioned members (NCMs). RMC Band ... The RMC Band was formed in 1953. Starting as a Pipe and Drum Band, it has since grown to include a Brass ... & Reed Band, a Choir and a Highland Dance team. The RMC Band plays a very active and important role ...

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  3. Marches- Museum of RMCC

    to the College in the spring of 1932. It was orchestrated for a military band by Captain F.W. Coleman, RCHA ... by the same title. Audio Precision This piece was performed by the RMC Band and was arranged by Sylvain Gagnon ... Band; written by Don Carrigan and arranged by Brian Williams. ...

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  4. Canada AM Puts the Spotlight on Kingston's Military Roots

    the crowd which had gathered in front of the reporters, and the RMC Band came in and warmed the crowd ... . The RMC Band puts on a show for the audience of the special Kingston edition of Canada AM. Two Griffons ...

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  5. Dr. Luc Lévesque, BSc, MSc, PhD, Assistant Professor

    in the field of Optics. His interests include thin film properties, photonic band gap systems using corrugated ... University, St. Catherine, Ontario, June 2006. L.Lévesque, P.Rochon. Surface plasmon photonic band gap ... -mass system and analogy with a simple band gap structure. European Journal of Physics (IOP), 27,133-145 (2006 ...

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  6. RMCC Hosts International Conference on CANDU Fuel

    conferences within CNS. The RMCC Band and Highland Dancers opened the conference which was held at the Holiday ... ). Members/cadets of the RMCC Band and Dancers were invited to stay and mingle with guests. Attendees were ...

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  7. The Massey Library Transcript/Captions

    ! March!" Music: "Precision" played by the RMCC Band The Library of the Royal Military ... Honourable Charles Vincent Massey, who opened the Library in 1960. Marching band music plays to a series ...

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  8. Materials Science Research- Department of Physics

    waveguides to generate photonic band gap structures. Standing wave surface plasmon mediated scattering ...

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  9. Dhamin Al-Khalili, BSc, MSc, PhD, Professor

    of a Wide Band Quadrature Demodulators on Field Programmable Gate Arrays. Triple Data Path Architecture ...

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  10. Irwin Streight Associate Professor

    artists and bands, including U2, P J Harvey, Patty Griffin, and Canadian synth-pop duo, the Wild ...

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