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  1. Canadian Military Colleges contribute to Op VETERAN

    of the Museum), OCdt Ashworth (RMC Saint-Jean), OCdt Généreux (RMC Saint-Jean), OCdt George (RMCC), Sgt ... Vanderklooster (RMCC) and Brigadier-General (retd) Linda Colwell (Friends of the Museum). As part of Remembrance ... -Jean From left to right: Mr. Yves Gadler (Friends of the Museum), Capt Cousineau (RMC Saint-Jean), OCdt ...

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  2. Acknowledgements

    navigation Previous Panel Contact the RMCC museum ... . Lawrence: With permission of the Royal Ontario Museum © ROM. The Royal Military College of Canada provided ...

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  3. Links- Museum of RMC

    The Books of Remembrance Canadian War Museum Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation ... Museum Virtual Kingston ...

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  4. About the Museum

    The Museum is an accredited museum within the Canadian Forces Museum System and a member ... of the Organization of Military Museums of Canada, Inc. and the Canadian Museum Association. The Museum, in its ... to the history of the College, its former cadets and its site. The Museum supports cadet orientation training ...

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  5. The RMC Museum


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  6. Visiting RMC- Guided tours and museum

    About visiting the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), tour schedules and museum information. ...

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  7. Marches- Museum of RMC

    About the marches, the music of the Royal Military College of Canada ...

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  8. History- RMC Museum

    About the history of the Royal Military College of Canada ...

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  9. 1812 Walking Tour Opens at the Royal Military College of Canada

    Highway 2, Kingston. Funded by the Canadian Heritage 1812 Commemoration Fund, the RMCC Museum Committee ... Commandant of RMCC, Brigadier-General Al Meinzinger, shakes hands with Mr. Chris West Chair ... of the Board of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, who presented the Self-Guided Walking Tour of the Royal ...

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  10. Last stop on the tour

    navigation Previous Panel Next Panel   Contact the RMCC museum ... across from the entrance to RMCC, at the foot of the hill and road that leads up to Fort Henry.   Panels ...

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