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  1. Undergraduate History Courses

    of the professional staff of that institution and member of the RMC of Canada history department. (In general students ... Skip to page content HIE102 History of Canada HIE104 Survey of Post-Confederation Canada HIE ... 202 Introduction to Canadian Military History HIE203 Introduction to Canadian Military History HIE205 Canadian ...

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  2. Staff of the History Department

    D Professor James Kenny, BA, MA, PhD Associate Professor, Head of Department Jean Lamarre, BA, MA, Ph ...

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  3. History Department


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  4. FAR on Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP)- Results from the History Programme (2013)

    of the History Department. In general, we are pleased with the report and concur with its recommendations ... : “On the whole, the department’s staff seem genuinely committed to helping students…. This reflects ... feature of the History Department and one which is undoubtedly the envy of academics in other Canadian ...

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  5. A Short History of Mechanical Engineering at RMC

    A Short History of Mechanical Engineering at RMC The Engineering Context when RMC opened in 1876 ... on the history of Mechanical Engineering at RMC, currently being written under the sponsorship of the Cordite ... school run by the Department of National Defence under a Royal Charter. However,, its vision and goals ...

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  6. Staff- War Studies Post Graduate Degree Programme

    Associate Professor of History Bélanger, S.A.H. Associate Professor French, Literature, and Culture Boucher ... Professor History Delaney, D.E. Professor of History Deleuze, M. Associate Professor of History and Chair ... of War Studies Denton, P. Adjunct Associate Professor of History Dorn, W. Dr. Walter Dorn email Dr ...

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  7. Student Corner of the History Department

    : an Overview Directorate of History and Heritage- Department of National Defence of Canada Canadian War Museum ... Sources for Military History Military History General History Links Historica History Branch- Department ... . Useful Links Military History Links: Canadian Military History Gateway Canadian Military History ...

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  8. Department of History Research and Graduate Studies

    History- Links Lower Canada Militia (1792-1840) War in the city The Canadian participation ...

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  9. Links of the Department of History

    and Business History French-Canadian Literature French Medieval Literature Guerrilla and Revolutionary Warfare ... History of Canadian Defence Policy History of Imperial Japan Imperial and Post-Colonial History Life ... in Early Upper Canada Lower Canada Militia (1792-1840) Middle Eastern History Modern British and Modern ...

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  10. Courses of the History Department

    Courses in History at the Royal Military College of Canada. For more information see Calendar entries. ...

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