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  1. Dr. Dominique Poirel, B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D., P.Eng. Associate Professor

    Brief History External Professional Appointments Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University ...

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  2. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering- Graduate Studies

    and Rockets CC555 Environmental Issues CC559 Terminal Ballistics 2- Impact Mechanics CC561 External Ballistics ... term) Credit(s): 1 CC561 External Ballistics This course will examine the flight of projectiles ...

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  3. Course Descriptions | History

    between Canada and the United States HIE406 Canadian External Relations HIE408 Canadian Defence Policy HIE ... in the Fall Contact Hours: 3- 0- 6 Credit(s): 1 HIE406 Canadian External Relations A study of selected aspects ...

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  4. Research Grants and Contracts

    of research grants and contracts awarded to members of the RMCC Faculty by organizations external ...

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  5. Dr. W.S. Andrews, Professor

    . Internal, External and Terminal Ballistics. Sawyer Mod 5, room 2524 (613) 541-6000 6052 (613) 542 ...

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  6. Approach and Objectives- RMC Green Team

    alleviating some of the need for external consultants. In our experience, communication within the CF ... DND; Solve problems in-house and alleviate the need for external consultants; Solve complex problems ...

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  7. Final Assessment Report on RMCC Engineering Programmes

    submitted to the CEAB in early October 2012. The CEAB visiting team was made up of one external visitor ... elements required for RMCC's IQAP that are not part of the CEAB review process. They are: The external ... evaluation must include people external to the programme being reviewed but internal to the institution ...

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  8. Major R. Gordon Wight

    . This research project investigates the effectiveness of external post-tensioning as a method of strengthening ... over Publications Publications P.S. Bouffard, R.G. Wight, M.A. Erki, 1999. External Prestressing ...

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  9. Aerodynamics, Aero-Elasticity and Fluid Dynamics

    are exploited to investigate these topics, such as flutter rigs and numerical simulation models. Active external ... ). The research is performed experimentally and via direct numerical simulation (DNS), with active external ...

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  10. Kevin Brushett, BA, Ma, PhD, Assistant Professor

    and its external relations (GRIQUERE). Dr Brushett is currently the Chair of the Military and Strategic ... - Canadian External Relations HIE 416- The United States as an Emerging Power to 1919 HIE 418- The United ...

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