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  1. Undergraduate French Studies Courses

    d'introduction aux études littéraires FRF152 Cours de composition et d'introduction aux études littéraires ... d'introduction aux études littéraires II FRF264 Cours de composition et d'introduction à la littérature ... paralittérature FRF426 Études dirigées avancées FRF428 L'Essai au XXIe siècle: crise, terreur, paranoïa et ...

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  2. Roch Legault

    d'étude de l'avenir., in Roch Legault dir., Le leadership militaire canadien-français: continuité ... , Le militaire en milieu urbain, Québec, Institut québécois des hautes études internationales, 2000, pp ... . 13 to 33. Articles Afin de mieux servir: la conception de la milice chez Vassal de Monviel, adjudant-général ...

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  3. John David Young

    (Maîtrise en sciences sociales), and Queen's University (Ph.D.), all degrees being in Political Science ... contributed to such professional journals as Armed Forces & Society and Études internationales as well ... as the Association France Canada des Études Stratégiques and the International Society of Military Science, where he ...

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  4. 1032 Lieutenant-General Eedson Louis Millard "Tommy" Burns, CC, DSO, OBE, MC, CD

    1897-1985 A Canadian Army Lieutenant-General and diplomat, "Tommy" Burns left RMC ... 's peacekeeping role and overseeing the General Armistice Agreements until peace agreements could be formulated ... and the Canadian Army, Between Arab and Israeli, Megamurder, General Mud: memoirs of two World Wars, A Seat ...

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  5. The Constitution of the Cordite Foundation

    The Constitution Section I Introduction General Foundation Mandate Establishment of the Trust ... General Membership Distinguished Membership Directorship Recall of Directors Expulsion for Cause ... Secretarial Expulsion Section III Board of Directors General Director Duties & Eligibility Board ...

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  6. H15200 Honorary Colonel the Honorable Joseph Gilles Lamontagne CP, OC, CQ, CD

    attended Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and l’ École des hautes études commerciales in preparation for a business ... in federal politics as Member of Parliament, Postmaster General (16 months) and acting Minister of Veteran ... Affairs for one year during three and a half years as Minister of National Defense. During his 22 years ...

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  7. 2791 Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Jean P.W. Ostiguy OC, CD, LLD (Hon.)

    1922-2012 Jean Ostiguy attended Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and École des hautes études commerciales ... on many Canadian boards, including Ford Canada, Kerr Addison Mines, General Accident, Procor, Ciba ... the Order of Malta, the Order of St. Lazare, the Queen's Jubilee Medal, the Star of Italy, the Defense ...

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  8. Prizes and Awards

    Skip to page content General Information Scholarships and Bursaries Prizes and Awards External ... of Universities & Colleges of Canada Canadian Bureau for International Education (Note: Also applies ... Scholarships   General Information Officer cadets who are members of the Regular ...

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  9. Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes and Awards | Graduate Studies

    Scholarship websites Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada Canadian Bureau ... Programme- Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships General Information 9.1 ... The Governor General's Gold Medal The Governor General's Gold Medalis awarded to the graduating ...

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  10. InsideDefense.Com

    InsideDefense.Com English English-only Private InsideDefense ... to US Department of Defense programs, policies, procurement and funding. Includes full-text access to ...   Inside the Pentagon, Inside the Navy, Inside the Army, Inside the Air Force  and  Inside Missile Defense ...

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