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  1. Links to other library catalogues & associations

    Bibliothèque nationale de France   Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec   British Library  --> ... . The Massey Library has a portion of these titles. Kingston Frontenac Public Library   LibDex: the library ... to the Massey Library. ...

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  2. Cairn, Bouquét Général

     is a collaboration of four European publishing houses and the Bibliothèque nationale de France. The database offers ...

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  3. Isabelle Tremblay

    La Bibliothèque des textes fantômes (French only), 2014, n°13 “Mlle Poulain de Nogent” (French only ... fantôme,” Journées d’études sur la bibliothèque des textes fantômes, Université de Lausanne, 30 ... . Isabelle Tremblay PhD., Assistant Professor Massey 348 (613) 541-6000 ext 3602 isabelle ...

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  4. Bibliographic Management

    Bibliographic Management (RefWorks)   For help, send an e-mail to the Massey Library. ...

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  5. About the Massey Library

    about the e-Journals Bridges Access (RMC WebVPN). Video about the Massey Library     Alternate formats ... .mp4 format (32.45 Mb).webm format (846 Kb) Transcript/Captions   For help, send an e-mail to the Massey ...

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  6. Dr. Louis Massey

    Dr. Louis Massey Girouard building, room 315 (613) 541-6000 ext 6450 (613) 541-6584 Louis.Massey ...

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  7. The Massey Library Transcript/Captions

    College of Canada presents a Massey Library Production and Mathieu Sly film about the Massey Library Scene ... and Archives Collection of scenes: Vintage black and white clips and photos of the RMCC campus The Massey ... Honourable Charles Vincent Massey, who opened the Library in 1960. Marching band music plays to a series ...

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  8. Off-campus access to Massey Library

    licenses access to subscribed content in Electronic Journals and Databases available on the Massey Library ...

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  9. Massey Library


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  10. Conferences

    monophonique des Lumières, structure narrative dialogique cachant un discours fantôme", La bibliothèque ...

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