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    Bibliothèque nationale de France   Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec   British Library   Canada ... Early Canadiana Research Collection available to libraries and archives in Canada and abroad. The Massey ... Secretariat (FLCS) Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL)   For help, send an e-mail to the Massey ...

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  2. Cairn, Bouquét Général

     is a collaboration of four European publishing houses and the Bibliothèque nationale de France. The database offers ...

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  3. Isabelle Tremblay, PhD Assistant Professor

    ), numéro spécial La Bibliothèque des textes fantômes (French only), 2014, n°13 “Mlle Poulain de Nogent ... , structure narrative dialogique cachant un discours fantôme,” Journées d’études sur la bibliothèque des ...

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  4. French Studies News

    bibliothèque des textes fantômes, Université de Lausanne, held October 30-31st 2014. 15.10.2014 Isabelle ...

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  5. Bibliographic Management

    Bibliographic Management (RefWorks)   For help, send an e-mail to the Massey Library. ...

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  6. L. Massey

    Girouard building, room 315 (613) 541-6000 ext 6450 (613) 541-6584 Department ...

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  7. The Massey Library Transcript/Captions

    College of Canada presents a Massey Library Production and Mathieu Sly film about the Massey Library Scene ... and Archives Collection of scenes: Vintage black and white clips and photos of the RMCC campus The Massey ... Honourable Charles Vincent Massey, who opened the Library in 1960. Marching band music plays to a series ...

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  8. Off-campus access to Massey Library

    licenses access to subscribed content in Electronic Journals and Databases available on the Massey Library ...

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  9. Massey Library


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  10. Conferences

    narrative dialogique cachant un discours fantôme", La bibliothèque des textes fantômes, Université de ...

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