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  1. Prizes and Awards

    Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation Eurographics Awards Programme- Sustainable Energy Development ... Cadetship, must meet the enrolment and academic standards for admission and be the child of a person who ... for Dominion Cadetships, in order of merit. A Dominion Cadetship is forfeited on failure of an academic year ...

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  2. Prerequisites by Province

    1 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 Notes Note 1 Acceptable academic courses for Math 12 are: Pre-Calculus 12 ... 2 referrer Acceptable Academic Pre-requisite Courses Arts Science Engineering Principles of Mathematics 12 ... Chemistry 12 English 12 Physics 12 Algebra 12 Acceptable Additional Academic Courses Applications of Math 12 ...

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  3. Azemi Benaïssa

    in January 1999. Table of Research / Academic Experience Experience Title University Location 1982 ... des fluides II GMF/MEE425 Énergies renouvlables/Renewable Energy Graduate Courses Course Number Course ... Academic Publishers, pp 539-542, 1998. A. Benaissa, J. Lemay and F. Anselmet, "Conditional Correlation ...

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  4. Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes and Awards | Graduate Studies

    Programme- Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships General Information 9.1 ... student who achieves the highest academic standing in a Master's or Doctoral programme. (Spring) 9.2 ... academic average in a post-graduate programme. (Spring) 9.4 Canadian Forces Logistics Branch Medal ...

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  5. Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)

    of Achievement Leadership Academics Athletics Bilingualism CAF Reserves ROTP for Reservists Prerequisites ... Academic Prerequisites By Province What programme should I select? What military occupation should I apply ... academic performance throughout the programme. Those who do not maintain a suitable level of academic ...

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  6. Academic Regulations

    8. Transcript Related Regulations 9. Equivalency 10. Final Examination 11. Academic Grades 12. Academic ... , Grievances, Appeals and Re-reads of Examinations 23. Academic Integrity 24. Full time Undergraduate Students ... a degree from the RMC of Canada, the candidate must meet all academic requirements, and be in good standing ...

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  7. RMCC Student receives a Doctoral Scholarship for Research in Nuclear Forensics Analysis

    be of outstanding academic merit and in the process of conducting research related to the nuclear field ... , at a Canadian post-secondary institution. The CNSC regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect ... on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. ...

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  8. Dominique Poirel

    , 2009): A wing oscillating in the RMC's wind tunnel as the wing extracts energy from the flow ... (368 Kb).webm format (368 Kb)   A flexible wing, as the wing extracts energy from the flow as well ...

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  9. Academic Regulations for Graduate Studies

    Submission of Results 5.14 Course Failures 5.15 Transfer Credit 5.16 Credit Granted 5.17 Academic Integrity ... the undergraduate academic background is otherwise inadequate. The required additional courses will normally ... ) for the academic year in either the Fall, Winter or Summer term and a maximum of two courses (either a one ...

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  10. Academic Prerequisites

    General Prerequisites Academic Prerequisites by Programme US High Schools United Kingdom French ... to offer 14 credit courses. The equivalent to grade 12 high school or CEGEP 1; Possess academic standards ... of the programmes are summarized below. Academic Prerequisites by Programme Arts In addition to the general academic ...

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