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  1. Prerequisites by Province

    1 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 Notes Note 1 Acceptable academic courses for Math 12 are: Pre-Calculus 12 ... 2 referrer Acceptable Academic Pre-requisite Courses Arts Science Engineering Principles of Mathematics 12 ... Chemistry 12 English 12 Physics 12 Algebra 12 Acceptable Additional Academic Courses Applications of Math 12 ...

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  2. Prizes and Awards

    and academic standards for admission and be the child of a person who was killed, has died, or is severely ... . A Dominion Cadetship is forfeited on failure of an academic year. Prizes and Awards General Information ... Awards in which studies, academic standing, or academic proficiency is a qualification normally require ...

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  3. Azemi Benaïssa

    in January 1999. Table of Research / Academic Experience Experience Title University Location 1982 ... des fluides II GMF/MEE425 Énergies renouvlables/Renewable Energy Graduate Courses Course Number Course ... Academic Publishers, pp 539-542, 1998. A. Benaissa, J. Lemay and F. Anselmet, "Conditional Correlation ...

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  4. Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes and Awards | Graduate Studies

    Programme- Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships General Information 9.1 ... student who achieves the highest academic standing in a Master's or Doctoral programme. (Spring) 9.2 ... academic average in a post-graduate programme. (Spring) 9.4 Canadian Forces Logistics Branch Medal ...

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  5. Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)

    of Achievement Leadership Academics Athletics Bilingualism CAF Reserves ROTP for Reservists Prerequisites ... Academic Prerequisites By Province What programme should I select? What military occupation should I apply ... academic performance throughout the programme. Those who do not maintain a suitable level of academic ...

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  6. Academic Regulations

    8. Transcript Related Regulations 9. Equivalency 10. Final Examination 11. Academic Grades 12. Academic ... , Grievances, Appeals and Re-reads of Examinations 23. Academic Integrity 24. Full time Undergraduate Students ... a degree from the RMC of Canada, the candidate must meet all academic requirements, and be in good standing ...

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  7. RMCC Student receives a Doctoral Scholarship for Research in Nuclear Forensics Analysis

    be of outstanding academic merit and in the process of conducting research related to the nuclear field ... , at a Canadian post-secondary institution. The CNSC regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect ... on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. ...

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  8. Dominique Poirel

    , 2009): A wing oscillating in the RMC's wind tunnel as the wing extracts energy from the flow ... (368 Kb).webm format (368 Kb)   A flexible wing, as the wing extracts energy from the flow as well ...

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  9. Academic Regulations for Graduate Studies

    Submission of Results 5.14 Course Failures 5.15 Transfer Credit 5.16 Credit Granted 5.17 Academic Integrity ... Academic Integrity Course Description 5.18 Appeals, Re-reads and Petitions   5.1 Student Categories General ... the undergraduate academic background is otherwise inadequate. The required additional courses will normally ...

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  10. Academic Prerequisites

    General Prerequisites Academic Prerequisites by Programme US High Schools United Kingdom French ... to offer 14 credit courses. The equivalent to grade 12 high school or CEGEP 1; Possess academic standards ... of the programmes are summarized below. Academic Prerequisites by Programme Arts In addition to the general academic ...

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