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  1. Compendex (Engineering Index)

    Compendex (Engineering Index) English English-only Private ... engineering journals and conferences. Subjects covered include: civil, energy, environmental, geological ...

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  2. Engineering Indexes and Databases

    Science Citation Index Social Science Citation Index Conference Proceedings Citation Index Wiley Online ... information, abstract and full-text articles and conference proceedings published by the Association ... ) Aerospace Research Central (ARC) includes full text for AIAA journals (1997-) and conference papers (2001 ...

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  3. Academic Search Complete

    :// Private Academic Search Complete indexes over 8,000 scholarly publications, and provides full text ... indexes are provided. Coverage spans every area of academic study and offers information dating as far ... Academic Search Complete English English-only http ...

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  4. Academic OneFile

    Academic OneFile English English-only http ... :// Private Academic OneFile is the premier source for peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world ... , medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects, Academic OneFile is both ...

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  5. Prerequisites by Province

    1 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 Notes Note 1 Acceptable academic courses for Math 12 are: Pre-Calculus 12 ... 2 referrer Acceptable Academic Pre-requisite Courses Arts Science Engineering Principles of Mathematics 12 ... Chemistry 12 English 12 Physics 12 Algebra 12 Acceptable Additional Academic Courses Applications of Math 12 ...

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  6. ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Digital Library

    -text articles and conference proceedings published by the Association for Computing Machinery and ACM affiliated ... organizations. Full-Text Indexes & Abstracts Computer Engineering Computers Association for Computing ...

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  7. AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Aerospace Research Central (ARC)

    ) Aerospace Research Central  (ARC)  includes full text for  AIAA  journals and conference papers. Full ... -Text Indexes & Abstracts Aeronautics Aerospace American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Active ...

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  8. INIS (International Nuclear Information System), 1970-

    ) that indexes journal articles, research reports, and conference papers on the peaceful applications of  nuclear ...

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  9. Political Science Complete

    and monographs, and 36,000 conference papers, plus indexing and abstracts for more than 800 journals. Subjects ... Legislation. Full-Text Indexes & Abstracts Reference Government International Relations Law Political ...

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  10. Prizes and Awards

    and academic standards for admission and be the child of a person who was killed, has died, or is severely ... . A Dominion Cadetship is forfeited on failure of an academic year. Prizes and Awards General Information ... Awards in which studies, academic standing, or academic proficiency is a qualification normally require ...

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