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  1. About the Department of Applied Military Science

    Military College of Canada PO Box 17000, Station Forces Kingston, Ontario CANADA K7K 7B4 AMS-SMA ... The Department of Applied Military Science (AMS) in Kingston, Ontario is a component of the Royal ... mandate, AMS offers two programmes, the Army Technical Staff Officer Programme (ATSOP), and the Army ...

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  2. Department of Applied Military Science (AMS)


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  3. Contact Us- Department of Applied Military Science

    -6000 ext 3812, 3901 or 6163 Fax: (613) 541-6160 E-mail: Staff Hall, Stephen, Colonel ...

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  4. Courses- Department of Applied Military Science

    These are the courses delivered on the ATSOP and ATWOP.   Course Code Course Name AMS 101 Applied ... Mathematics AMS 103 Applied Physics AMS 105 Applied Chemistry AMS 107 Military Materials AMS 500 Research ... Project AMS 501 Military Communications Systems AMS 503 Military Information Systems AMS 505 Battlefield ...

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  5. Canada AM Puts the Spotlight on Kingston's Military Roots

    By: Lt(N) H. Mooney, CFB Kingston Public Affairs BGen Meinzinger speaks to Canada AM hosts Beverly ... of RMC, joined the hosts of Canada AM in the city hall courtyard for a discussion about the base, RMC ... . The RMC Band puts on a show for the audience of the special Kingston edition of Canada AM. Two Griffons ...

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  6. Media- Department of Applied Military Science

    The AMS advantage: A key enabler of success in the modern operating environment By Suzanne Lebeau ... of Applied Military Science (AMS) is a department of the Royal Military College and its primary purpose ... in the capability development process. To meet its mandate, AMS offers three programs, the Land Force Technical ...

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  7. Location and Facilities- Department of Applied Military Science

    of the Royal Military College of Canada. The AMS Department is housed in a separate facility with a 32 ... rooms are linked to the RMC network and the Internet. AMS staff and students regularly use RMC ...

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  8. Reunion Weekend 2016

    September 10:00am- 12:00pm: Badging Parade, Parade Square 12:00pm- 1:30pm: Ex-Cadet and Old Brigade Luncheon ... , Currie Hall Sunday, 25 September 10:30am – 11:30am: Memorial Arch Ceremony, Memorial Arch/Parade Square ...

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  9. MathSciNet

    MathSciNet English English-only Private MathSciNet is a database ...

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  10. D. McGaughey, BSc, MSc, PEng, PhD, Professor

    's atmosphere. Currently the images to be improved are images from large diameter telescope. I am starting ... of the atmosphere. The two projects I am currently working on are: Adaptive Optics Adaptive optics (AO) is a method ...

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