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  1. Athletics Department Staff

    6728 PE Curriculum Program Coordinator 134 Bennett, Patricia 6019 Administrative Assistant 137 Blanchet ... , Jean 8739 PE Military Skills 132 Breuvart, Norbert 6166 PE Aquatic 136 Cates, Darren 6422 Director ... of Athletics 139 Deren, Tomasz 8741 PE Strength and Condiitioning Coordinator 138 Dubé, Guy 6258 Varsity ...

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  2. 13 Major-General A.B. Perry, CMG, ADC

    2009 citation for the Wall of Honour at the Royal Military College of Canada- A.B. Perry ...

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  3. Royal Military College of Canada Honorary Degree Recipients

    AC Indicates they gave the Address at Convocation Name of Recipient Degree Received Date Awarded ... Nossal,  Dr. Kim Richard AC LL.D. 21-June-17 Lavoie,  Pierre AC LL.D. 18-May-17 Somers, Lieutenant ... Colonel (retired) Philip W. D.Sc. 18-May-17 Murray, Commodore (retired) E.R.A., OMM, CD AC D.Sc.Mil. 18 ...

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  4. 1032 Lieutenant-General Eedson Louis Millard "Tommy" Burns, CC, DSO, OBE, MC, CD

    in 1914, after only one year, and was commissioned at eighteen in the Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE). He ... fought in WWI on the Western Front with the RCE from 1916 to 1918. Twice wounded, he was awarded ...

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  5. History Gallery

    , still survives as the College dress uniform. General H.D.G. Crerar, PC, CH, CB, DSO, CD, ADC (College No ...

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  6. Dr. Gord Simons

    4-chromatic graphs and signatures of odd cycles, arXiv:1601.07856, submitted to Electronic Journal ... on chromatic numbers, arXiv:1601.04642, submitted to Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 2014 Lucien ...

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  7. Physical Education

    . The PE Program encompasses classes, physical evaluations, Supplementary Physical Training, and personal ...

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  8. Prizes and Awards

    in, at most, the normal number of years. (Spring) The A.C. Leonard Award The A.C. Leonard Award ...

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  9. D. Charbonneau

    .   Publications Articles published in refereed journals Febbraro, A.R., Bradley, J.P., McCreary, D.R., Charbonneau ...

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  10. RMC Wall of Honour Citations

    made the following appointments: September 2009 13 Major-General A.B. Perry, CMG, ADC 943 Air Marshal ...

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