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  1. About Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

    About Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest ... from Direct Numerical Simulation with 80 million grid points. About Aerospace Engineering Aerospace ...

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  2. 2015 Universiades

    and equally excited about the support staff we've assembled," said Lépine. "We have a group ... Phillips (McGill University) About the 2015 Universiades The 2015 Summer Universiade will feature 13 ... Winter Universiade   About Canadian Interuniversity Sport Canadian Interuniversity Sport is the national ...

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  3. About the Massey Library

    and Reviews Reference & Research Book News   Video about the Massey Library     Alternate formats ...

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  4. About the Department of Political Science

    information about courses of study or to direct inquiries directly to any member of the Department. ...

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  5. New book about the War of 1812 by Major John R. Grodzinski

    and the War of 1812, about Sir George Prevost, the governor in chief of British North America and the credit ... he deserved for the successful defense of Canada. The books that he writes are about subjects ... that interest him, as well as subjects that do not already have a lot written about them. He writes ...

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  6. About the Office of Quality Assurance

    of the public to ask questions or make comments about RMC courses, programs or services. QA also attempts ... to answer questions about university governance and policy. If you have an academic problem and are not sure ...

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  7. About Second Official Language Education and Training

    .  Additional information about the required level (a linguistic profile of BBB) can be found on the Canada ... and is designed like an interview about professional bilingualism. Once a student reaches the bilingualism ...

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  8. About the Department of Defence Studies

    Contact information for the Department of Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada and the Canadian Forces College ...

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  9. About Public Affairs

    The role of the RMC public affairs officer (PAO) is to support RMC operations and activities by promoting understanding and awareness at regional, provincial, national and international levels.  The PAO function at the College is also to promote that understanding among the scholar community, given RMC duo-mandate of building leaders with strong academic credentials at undergraduate and graduate levels. ...

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  10. About Master of Business Administration Programme (MBA)

    Prospective students Admissions Academic tuition/fees Grad studies calendar Course descriptions Course schedule MBA 505 Management Research Study Current students Grad studies calendar Course description Course schedule Academic tuition/fees MBA 505 Management research study My services Moodle E-library Writing centre Webmail Alumni / Faculty List of faculty and staff ...

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