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  1. About Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

    About Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest ... from Direct Numerical Simulation with 80 million grid points. About Aerospace Engineering Aerospace ...

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  2. 2015 Universiades

    and equally excited about the support staff we've assembled," said Lépine. "We have a group ... Phillips (McGill University) About the 2015 Universiades The 2015 Summer Universiade will feature 13 ... Winter Universiade   About Canadian Interuniversity Sport Canadian Interuniversity Sport is the national ...

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  3. New book about the War of 1812 by Major John R. Grodzinski

    and the War of 1812, about Sir George Prevost, the governor in chief of British North America and the credit ... he deserved for the successful defense of Canada. The books that he writes are about subjects ... that interest him, as well as subjects that do not already have a lot written about them. He writes ...

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  4. About the Department of Physics

    The Department's activities can be summarized into three areas: Undergraduate Education: The Department offers a variety of Physics and Space Science degree programmes within the Faculty of Science. Graduate Education (MSc. and PhD.): The Department offers Masters of Science and Doctoral programs for both Military and Civilian Graduate Students in each of our areas of research. Research and Scholarly Activity: The Department faculty conduct world class research programs within three areas: Acoustics and Oceanography Materials Science Space Science ...

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  5. About the Department of French Studies

    The Department of French Studies of the Royal Military College of Canada offers a programme that primarily covers the literatures of France and French Canada, as well as other aspects of French studies such as civilization and language (linguistics and stylistics). The Department offers Minor, Major and Honours degrees in French Studies. The prerequisite for these programmes is FRF152 or an equivalent course. French is the only language of work within the Department. Our courses can be taken by any student whose first language is French or who has the required knowledge and skills. The professor responsible for the course will make the final decision, with the approval of the Department Head. ...

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  6. About the Faculty of Arts

    About the Faculty of Arts at the Royal Military College of Canada ...

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  7. About RMCC Athletics

    The Athletic Component is one of the four Components of the Royal Military College of Canada. The Athletics Program is designed to provide opportunities for all officer-cadets to participate in physical activities and sports that are mentally demanding in order to develop their overall physical capabilities, self-confidence and leadership. Contact sports develop courage and aggressiveness; other team sports develop self-sacrifice and esprit de corps; individual sports expand an individual's confidence, poise and self-reliance; all sports develop self-discipline and the ability to react quickly and accurately under pressure while retaining control and presence of mind. The Athletics Program is therefore extremely important in the training of officer-cadets for effective service as officers in the Canadian Forces (CF). ...

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  8. About the Department of English

    Preamble Since its formation, the Department of English has served the Royal Military College of Canada's educational mandate by offering a broadly based humanities programme focused around the analysis of literary texts. Modeled on its counterparts at other universities, the English programme emphasizes communication and critical thinking skills, integrated with the study of traditional English literature and the literatures of the contemporary world. Through their studies, English students develop both a set of practical skills and an intellectual insight into the social and cultural values that have shaped our civilization in the past and which are an integral part of the dynamic forces shaping our present world. The skills acquired are important tools for professional development, and the knowledge gained provides an intellectual context in which to evaluate and pursue professional activity. This type of education is especially valuable where leadership demands form a significant part of professional responsibility. Communication skills, thinking skills, and a strong sense of social and cultural identity provide the kind of educational foundation that allows English graduates to pursue successfully leadership positions in the profession of arms, in addition to such careers as Teaching, Law, Business Management, Politics, and Public Administration. ...

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  9. About the Department of Applied Military Science

    The Department of Applied Military Science (AMS) in Kingston, Ontario is a component of the Royal Military College and its primary purpose is to support the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) by developing Officers and Warrant Officers (WOs) to be key players in the Capability Development Process. To meet its mandate, AMS offers two programmes, the Army Technical Staff Officer Programme (ATSOP), and the Army's Technical Warrant Officers Programme (ATWOP). ...

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  10. About the Museum

    The Royal Military College of Canada Museum is an accredited museum within the Canadian Forces Museum System and a member of the Organization of Military Museums of Canada, Inc. and the Canadian Museum Association. The Museum, in its present form, was created in 1962 and tasked to collect, conserve, research and display material relating to the history of the College, its former cadets and its site. The Museum supports cadet orientation training and its collections are available for study by the broader College community. The Public is welcome to visit and, when possible, the Museum will assist the public with research inquiries. ...

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