Undergraduate Calendar 2015 - 2016

If there is a divergence between the information in the printed version of the Undergraduate Calendar or any of the departmental web pages within the RMCC website and, that in the Undergraduate Calendar web pages, the information in the Undergraduate Calendar web pages will prevail, since it is recognized as the official Calendar.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Date Event
Sep 8 Undergraduate Classes Start
Sep 25 Obstacle Course

Sep 26-27

Reunion Weekend
Oct 12 Thanksgiving (statutory holiday)
Oct 13 - 23 Mid-term Exams
Nov 11 Remembrance Day (no classes)
Nov 20 Fall Convocation
Nov 30 Admissions Application Deadline – Winter Session
Dec 04 End of classes
Dec 7 - 18 Examinations
Dec 18 End of Fall Term
Jan 11 Classes start
Jan 16 - 17 Supplemental exams
Feb 15 - 19 Reading Week
Mar 25 Good Friday (statutory holiday)
Mar 28 Easter Monday (statutory holiday)
Mar 31 Admissions Application Deadline – Summer Session
Apr 15 End of classes
Apr 18 - 29 Examinations
Apr 29 End of Winter Term
May 9 - 10 Supplemental exams (graduands)
May 10 - 12 Academic Tours (3rd yr Engineers)
May 10 - 12 Professional Development Course (2nd yr Engineers)
May 16 - 17 Supplemental exams
May 19 Convocation
May 20 Commissioning Parade
Jul 31 Admissions Application Deadline – Fall Session

Important Notices

  1. The course listings and academic programmes described in this Calendar represent Senate-approved requirements and electives for completion of degree requirements. Circumstances beyond the control of the College, such as severe budget shortfalls, may result in restrictions in the number and range of course and programme choices available to students as compared with those listed herein or in other College publications.
  2. The College reserves the right to limit access to courses or programmes and, at its discretion, to withdraw particular programmes, options, or courses altogether. In such circumstances the College undertakes to the best of its ability to enable students registered in affected programmes to complete their degree requirements in a satisfactory manner.
  3. Prospective students or new registrants are advised to consult the most current information available from the College and its various Faculties in printed or electronic form, as well as academic advisors for the programmes concerned, before making registration decisions or course/programme choices.
  4. The Senate and the Board of Governors of the Royal Military College of Canada reserve the right to invoke changes in this Calendar, in either its printed or electronic forms, at any time without prior notice.
  5. Officer Cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada must select a course of studies which is compatible with their element of the Canadian Forces and with the Military Officer Occupation selected. The Canadian Forces reserve the right to limit enrolment in any given course of studies.
  6. Both men and women may apply for admission to the Royal Military College of Canada.
  7. Applications are processed through Canadian Forces Recruiting Centres (1-800-856-8488). Applications for admission should be submitted as early as possible in the final year of high school. Transcripts of final marks are not required to initiate an application.
  8. Additional information may be found on the Internet at Canadian Forces Recruiting.
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