Course Descriptions | Professional Military Training

General Military Knowledge

The PO covers general knowledge regarding Canadian Forces policies and regulations such as drugs and alcohol, harassment, counselling, duties and responsibilities, etc.. This PO also covers RMCC-specific knowledge such as College history, organization, Cadet Wing structure, etc..

Personal Attributes

Officers in the Canadian Forces must exhibit exemplary conduct and deportment at all times. Such conduct stems from well developed personal character traits such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, self respect, respect of others, responsibility, and courage. It includes the concept of "service before self," and the development of a work and play ethic to bring out the best in individuals and subordinates. These traits are developed and assessed throughout the 4yr programme.


Teamwork and cooperation are essential elements of a successful military unit. This PO provides practical opportunities for team building and fostering esprit-de-corps. It also develops the necessary confidence and trust in peers. The PO stresses the need to become a good follower and team player in order to become a good leader.


The core element of officership is leadership. This PO provides practical opportunities to develop and practice leadership in a wide variety of scenarios. All opportunities for leadership, including Cadet Wing bar appointments, sports team captains, class leaders, class seniors, project and event organizers, etc.. are exploited to expose OCdts to leadership challenges, and to assess their development and performance. The minimum requirement for successful completion of the programme is to perform satisfactorily as a Cadet Section Commander for one semester in either third or fourth year.


This PO is a follow-on to the material commenced during BOTP, and concentrates on the development of essential written and oral communication skills. These skills form a cornerstone of leadership and will be needed for all aspects of RMCC life.


Drill is a powerful method to develop individual pride, mental alertness, precision, and esprit de corps which will assist OCdts to carry out orders instinctively and immediately at all times. The attainment of good discipline calls for a high development of personal qualities, particularly self-control and cooperation. Drill and formal parades are designed to develop these qualities so that their practice becomes habitual and will persist under the strain of activities in peace and war. This PO will teach OCdts foot, rifle, and sword drill, and will place OCdts in increasing levels of authority and responsibility on the parade square in order to further develop their self confidence and bearing.

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