Athletic Department Courses

Course Descriptions


The first year athletics programme is aimed at giving officer cadets the tools to take charge of their personal fitness and health in preparation to lead military members in physical training in their future careers. Topics covered include the principles of strength and conditioning (S&C) (i.e. warm ups, cool downs, basic movement patterns in S&C, running training, energy systems training, building a training program), aquatics, Health, and introduction to combatives. There is a practical exam for the strength and conditioning section, and a written exam for the S&C and health topics. They are also required to complete the Basic Military Swim Standard test.

ATH2 Sports

The second year programme offers a variety of elective sport courses where officer cadets select one course per term. Each course includes instruction in 2 sports of the same genre (i.e. Stick Sports, Racquet Sports, Field Sports, Court Sports, Aquatic Sports).. The second year programme outcomes include learning the basic rules and skills of the sport so that they can lead a sport session for PT with military members in their future roles in the CAF. There is a practical skills assessment and rules quiz for each sport covered in the course. Further each OCdt will be evaluated on their skills as Class Leader. Class Leader responsibilities include sport session plan, session attendance and introduction, warm up, and cool down. The Class Leader portion is there to prepare OCdt to bridge the gap between being a follower in PT (I year) to being a leader in a sport or PT session (III and IV year).


The third year programme exposes OCdts to a physical environment outside of their comfort zone in which they will develop self-confidence, self-efficacy, and leadership opportunities in a military skills and combatives environment. This is the aspect that RMC calls “education with a difference”. Skills covered include rappelling, waterborne training, and combatives training. There are practical evaluations in each of the three areas of instruction.

ATH4 Enhancement Activity

The fourth year programme offers enhancement opportunities to the OCdts to provide more in-depth instruction on areas already taught in the PE program, introduce them to new skills that will enhance active living as individuals when they graduate , or provide them with certifications that they can use in the future either as a CF member or for personal use. OCdts have a choice of courses which include canoeing, rock climbing, Rappel Master Course, advance strength and conditioning, swimming and life guarding, advanced combatives, racquet sports, yoga, and spinning leadership. Evaluations in this course may include either a practical or written test.

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