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Annual History Symposium

Officers in a classroom Air Commodore Keith Hodson (left), Commandant of the RCAF Staff College, Directing Staff and students of Course 20 visiting 2 Technical Training School, RCAF, at Camp Borden.

Military Education and Empire, 1854-1948

Royal Military College of Canada
Kingston, Ontario
5-6 November 2015

More than a century ago, at the 1909 Imperial Conference, the Imperial General Staff put forward a proposal for organizing the military forces of the British Empire such that they would be better able to work together in time of war. 

“It will be noted that education is the keynote … not only the higher education at a Staff College which is essential if the Imperial General Staff is to be composed of a body of officers trained to think alike on all matters of principle, but the preliminary education, by which officers can be so grounded and prepared as to be able to profit from Staff College training …. The necessity for preparatory and higher education is so apparent that its importance need not be further insisted upon.”
General Staff, Proposals for so Organizing the Military Forces of the Empire as to Ensure Their Effective Co-operation in the Event of War, 17th July 1909.
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