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Call for Papers - History Symposium

The Education of an Air Force, 1914-2014
Royal Military College of Canada
Kingston, Ontario
2-4 November 2016

Air forces have found that the answer to narrow, technically-focused understandings of air power has been, and continues to be, through education: the developing of a mastery of air power along with a broader of understanding of how and where it can best serve the needs of parent societies. Higher education for commanders and staffs develops critical thinking, creativity, and reasoning skills which better prepare individuals to think, to cope with unexpected problems and situations, and to anticipate military requirements.  The 2016 Royal Military College History Symposium, ‘The Education of an Air Force, 1914-2014’, will look at the development of air power thought and education, and how learning has shaped the application of air warfare.  Papers will deal both with the evolution of the concepts and at the same time the creation and evolution of the institutions that have taught these ideas over the first century of military flight.

The following speakers have accepted invitations to speak: Dr Allan English (Queen’s University); Dr Peter Gray (University of Birmingham); Dr Harold Winton (USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies); Professor Williamson Murray; Dr Christopher Cain (USAF Air University); Dr Mark Wells (former head of History at USAFA); Mr Martin James (RAAF Air Power Development Centre); Dr Richard Goette (RMCC); Dr Christina Goulter (King’s College London); Dr Mark Clodfelter (U.S. National War College); Dr Wray Johnson (Marine Corps University).

The symposium is co-sponsored by the Royal Canadian Air Force and will include a visit to the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre in Trenton Ontario.

In addition the conference organizing committee solicits proposals for papers on all aspects of air force learning over the past century.  Topics may include such themes as: civilian control of military education, the introduction of or reforms to air power education policies and programmes, the conduct of education courses, and the impact of conflict and technology on air power education.  Papers considering air forces other than those of Western Europe, Australia, the US and Canada are particularly welcome.  Proposals should include a 200-300 word abstract accompanied by a one-page CV and should be emailed to symposium16@rmc.ca no later than 30 May 2016.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in an edited volume by the University of British Columbia Press.

History Symposium poster

The Education of an Air Force, 1914-2014

2-4 November 2016

Royal Military College of Canada

Confirmed speakers include

  • Dr. Allan English (Queen’s University, Kingston)
  • Air Commodore (retired) Dr. Peter Gray (University of Birmingham)
  • Professor Harold Winton (USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies)
  • Professor Emeritus Williamson Murray (Ohio State University)
  • Dr. Christopher Cain (USAF Air University)
  • Brigadier General (retired) Dr. Mark Wells (USAFA) 
  • Dr. Richard Goette (Canadian Forces College
  • Martin James (RAAF Air Power Development Centre)
  • Dr. Christina Goulter (King’s College London)
  • Professor Mark Clodfelter (National War College)
  • Professor Wray Johnson (Marine Corps University)

Registration rate: $200 regular
Fees include banquet, lunches and coffee breaks

Further information about the History Symposium

Supported by the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre

Download the History Symposium poster (pdf 282 Kb) 

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