Division of Continuing Studies

Welcome to the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC).


The Division of Continuing Studies fosters learning and teaching innovation within the Royal Military College of Canada.


The Division of Continuing Studies of the Royal Military College of Canada provides excellent learner-focused professional, undergraduate and graduate distance education.

Continuing Studies at RMCC

All Distance Education courses are administered online (Internet) through the RMCC Moodle Learning Management System.

The degree programmes offered through DCS are thoroughly grounded in the elements of the military profession, permitting students to acquire a university degree regardless of where they live and work, and minimizing any negative impact on their commitments to family and career. The programmes integrate in-service training and experience with special and standard university courses. Courses are offered in English and French and students may complete assignments, essays and exams in the official language of their choice.

RMCC is a bilingual academic institution that understands the operational commitments of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. The degree programmes are designed with flexibility in mind and emphasize maximum efficiency and minimum time for completion, through application of the following principles:


  • All courses are offered online
  • Attendance at RMCC is not required to complete a programme


  • Distance education can accommodate interruptions due to operational commitments
  • Many courses are offered in both official languages


  • In-service related courses can make up a significant part of the content for some programmes
  • Standard courses are taught, where possible, within the defence context

Prior Learning Assessment & Transfer Credits (Undergraduate only):

  • Full transferability of approved university level credits obtained elsewhere
  • Credit(s) may be granted, as appropriate, for university level, professional and for Department of National Defence (DND) courses
  • Credit(s) for second language proficiency
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